Every time we show up to a Shaped workout, we all win.

Nobel PTSA and Shaped: make time for yourself and join us for a fun, innovative, and affordable workout program that directly benefits Nobel children! 

feel good

Join Nobel parents in establishing regular exercising habits with 35-minute workouts to fit all fitness abilities, from beginner to advanced. Cameras can be turned on to engage with friends or off for privacy.

give back

Each time we join a workout everybody wins! 50% of the proceeds of each Nobel session funds our students' needs. The more participants we have, the more funds we raise!

let's move

Simply go to moxie.xyz/shapedtraining, setup your Moxie account, select Nobel as your fundraiser, choose, book, and show up for your live session! Shaped workouts always run from 8:00 to 8:35 am, Monday through Friday.

is shaped for all fitness levels?

Yes! There are two Shaped groups to choose from: the Starter Group and the Accelerated Group. Although each session's structure is the same for the Accelerated and Starter groups, both differ in intensity and types of exercises.


Regardless of the group you join, to make the most out of our efforts, we complete each workout three times following our "learn it, deepen it, master it" approach to exercise.


Each workout is a mix of variable intervals of aerobic, endurance, and strength-building exercise flows. The exercises are adaptable on the spot to meet your needs.

do i need any exercise equipment?

Nope! The use of props, other than a workout mat, is not a requirement for either group.


However, and mostly for the Accelerated group, you will have the option to use dumbbells and resistance bands if you want a little extra.

what techonolgy do i need to participate?

No downloads are required! Moxie is optimized for laptops and desktop computers and works best on the Google Chrome internet browser.You can also attend Moxie sessions on tablets and mobile devices as long as they are not too old.

On tablets and mobile devices, Moxie only works in landscape mode. Make sure you have enabled automatic screen rotation on your device. 

Please refer to Moxie's Help Center and FAQs on their website for details.

what is the booking and cancellation policy?

Moxie's booking policies and cancellations are clearly explained on their website under Help Center and FAQs. These are policies for all Moxie users. Shaped does not have any control over Moxie's policies. These are the main points to beware:


  1. Booking your sessions in advance is recommended, although you can book them for up to 1 minute before starting.

  2. You can access the group at 7:45 am in what is called the "Warm-up room." Our sessions start promptly at 8:00 am.

  3. Please be on time. You will not be able to join the workout after 8:10 am, and you will automatically forfeit your payment.

what is the shaped method?

All Shaped's workouts are science-based and psychology-focused. Marta is an experienced certified personal trainer who meticulously designs, tests, and curates every Shaped workout under the scientific principle of EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption.)

This means that each 35-minute Shaped workout increases the overall oxygen consumption in the body's tissues, speeding up our metabolism and extending calorie burn long after exercising.

From a psychology perspective, Shaped's workouts are a fabric of interwoven achievable micro-goals that will make participants feel accomplished and enticing them to stay engaged and accountable.

why is it important that I participate?

These are trying times for our families, so now more than ever, we must take care of ourselves mentally and physically to protect our families and help others. This is the time for us parents to come together and support our children on their journey through education.  

Every dollar counts towards making up for the gap that public fundings cannot fulfill. Continuing budget cuts hinder our children from thriving, and the expenses to ensure a safe return to the classrooms keep mounting up.

It is a win-win for everybody. That is why is important to at least try. You have nothing to loose and much to win for yourself and those around you. 

how does shaped support my experience

At Shaped, we have learned that each community is different. As we get to know your group better, we will adapt to improve how to best support you.


Please do not hesitate to reach out via email every time you have questions. We are committed to helping you grow a healthy, positive, and united community that works together to fundraise for education. We look forward to exercising with you all!

start fundraising for
alfred b. nobel charter middle school 

Our 35-minute live, online workouts fund nobel students! 

$10.00 per person per session.

50% of the proceeds go to Nobel PTSA every month.

Go to Moxie.xyz. Set-up your account. Choose your session and book below.



If you are a first-timer or if you need to get back into exercising, this gentler class is for you. Fun, friendly, and invigorating!



If you are ready to bring your exercise practice up a notch, this is your group. Still fun, friendly, and invigorating! 

Here is what others have to say about shaped

I joined this marvelous fitness challenge almost two years ago, and I still love it! I have gained so much strength and confidence; I feel powerful and healthy! The 35-minute workouts are convenient and effective and continue to be a challenge since they change every week. With all the moms around, I don't feel alone anymore, so I keep on showing up because we all hold each other accountable and feel empowered fundraising together for our children's education."  -Jill L.

Without fail, I feel radiant, relaxed, and a sense of accomplishment after each class! Being able to contribute to our children's education by doing something enjoyable and invigorating for ourselves is an absolute win-win!!!  -Kiranjot K.

It feels GREAT! To be a part of fundraising for the kids. Especially nowadays, where many of the usual events that the school used to fundraise are no longer on the calendar due to COVID.  -Mariah L.

If I did not have this class to take as an option, which has become something I look forward to, I would be a large mama and unhappy and not as grounded as I am with the wellness I get from these workouts. -Kandi K.

The exercise group is great and supports me by encouraging me and keeping me accountable for my exercise routine. It keeps me mentally and physically healthy.  I am honored that I got a chance to become a part of this group. It's a win-win!  -Jenny V.

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